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“The Eucharist is the open arms of God”
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“The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world”
- (John 6:51)

What is the meaning of the Mass?

The Eucharist is the mysterious center of all the sacraments, because the historical Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross is made present during the transubstantiation in a hidden and bloodless way. In this way the Eucharistic celebration is the source and summit of all Christian life (Vatican Council II, Lumen Gentium LG, 11). To her everything is oriented: beyond her there is nothing greater that can be reached.

Mass Stipend

With your voluntary offering you support a priest and he, in gratitude for your generosity, offers a Mass for your intentions. In case of offering financial support, calling it a stipend, it is free and voluntary.

Thanks to the stipends, the priests can have a livelihood to live with dignity and serve their community. Your offering can make a difference and help us fulfill our Church mission, thus supporting priests and their pastoral work.

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About Us

Legionaries of Christ, we are a religious congregation founded in 1941 and made up of priests and candidates for the priesthood. Our motto: Your Kingdom Come!, expresses the desire that Christ Reign in the hearts of men, families and society.

Our spirit is Christocentric, contemplative and evangelizing. We foster evangelical creativity both among ourselves and with the laity we serve. We profess a deep love for the Pope, Vicar of Christ, and for the bishops and we try to insert ourselves into the pastoral work of the local Church where we find ourselves.

Our motto, Thy kingdom come! it expresses the longing for Christ to reign in the hearts of men, families and society. To do this, we collaborate with other members of the Church and with people of good will to make this Kingdom a reality. En definitiva, queremos hacer todo por el Reino de Cristo a la Gloria de Dios.

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A Mass For You

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Receive in your email the certificate of the Mass celebrated for your intention.
You can also send it to someone as a gift Can’t find the email we sent you? Please check the spam (junk) folder.


Legionaries of Christ AR, is a non-profit organization. Your privacy is important to us, so we do not sell, share, or trade your personal information. Please encourage your family and friends to request our masses.
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